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• Ethical and Regulatory Challenges to Science and Research Policy at the Global Level
 Ethical and Regulatory Challenges to Science and Research Policy at the Global Level, April 13th 2012
• Answer of the European Commission to the European Parliament question on the HIDE project
 Answer given by Ms Geoghegan-Quinn on behalf of the EC, June 14th 2010
• Legal and Ethical Aspects of First Medical Response to Disasters
Background Paper for the NMFRDisaster project Workshop
 DISASTER Workshop, December 11th - 12th 2008
• Ethics e-Inclusion and Ageing
Discussion paper for the European Ministerial e-Inclusion Conference - Vienna
 Vienna Senior Paper, November 30th - December 2nd 2008
• Environmental Scanning Report
 SENIOR Project Deliverables, June 30th 2008
• Ethics of e-Inclusion of older people
 Discussion paper for the Workshop on Ethics and e-Inclusion
Bled, May 12th 2008
• Whole Body Imaging at airport checkpoints: the ethical and policy context
HIDE & RISE Projects
 Ethics of Body Scanner Policy Report
• Biometrics and Embedded Technology
HIDE Project – Ethical Brief
 Ethical Brief Biometrics & embedded Technology


• Ethical aspects of biometric identification technologies in a multicultural society
 EACME Annual Meeting 2009, September 11th - 12th 2009
• Ethics of e-Inclusion of older people
Senior Project Presentation
 Power Point Presentation for the Workshop on Ethics and e-Inclusion
Bled, May 12th 2008
• Nothing to Hide: Biometrics, Identity and Privacy
 BIOID 2008
Roskilde, May 7th - 9th 2008
• Medical surveillance and global security
 eHealth without Frontiers Conference
Portoroz, May 6th - 7th 2008
• Do Androids dream of biometric sheeps?
 Reinventing Data Protection Conference
Brussels, October 12th 2007
• Categories and Individuals: why biometrics deserve our attention
 Annual Conference of the Challenge Project, CEPS
Brussels, July 7th 2007
• The Importance of Being Earnest: Why ethics and culture matter in identity management
 Conference on Advanced ID Systems EU
Brussels, May 14th 2007
• Wonders and Technology: Commentary to Michel Depuis’ y puis’ Paper
 EACME General Meeting 2006
Leuven, September 28th 2006
• Thinking the unthinkable: psychological aspects of the fear of pandemics
 International Workshop on influenza pandemic prepardness and control
Beijing, August 1st - 2nd 2006
• Conversazione sulle aporie dell’identità
 College of Humanities and Sciences (CHUMS)
Urio, July 24th 2006
• Ethiques des Technologies d´Identifacation Biométrique
 Public Hearing before the French TA Parliamentary Office
Paris, May 14th 2006
• De la société du risque à la société de la securité
Strasbourg, October 1st 2005
• Puss in Boots - Dreams, Hopes and Uncertainty in the Nano Revolution
 Euro Nano Forum
Edimburgh, September 8th 2005
• Biopolitics, bioethics and risk society
Paris, March 22nd 2005
• Global governance of the technological revolution
 XII World Computer Congress
Toulouse, August 23rd - 29th 2004
• Genetics of Psychiatric Diseases and Insurances: the ethical challenge
 New genetic testing and access to healthcare Conference
Brussels, May 24th - 25th 2004
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