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The Centre for Science, Society and Citizenship (www.cssc.eu) is Europe’s leading independent research centre specializing in advice on political, ethical and social issues raised by emerging technologies. CSSC’s competence areas comprise: Ethical, Social and Policy Implications of emerging technologies, Ethics and Security, Ethics and  Disaster Preparedness, Human Factor Analysis.

CSSC believes in the values of dialogue, responsibility, integrity and care. The centre promotes open conversation between individuals, communities and institutions by encouraging trust among all parties. CSSC carries out its work in several ways, including studies, publications, training, and coordination of multicenter research projects. Our current assignments include international projects funded by EC DG Research, DG INFSO, DG JLS, DG Enterprise, DG Sanco, and NATO.

The Center serves as a member of the Fundamental Rights Platform of the Fundamental Rights Agency of the EU and is accredited by the Faculties of Psychology (1 and 2) of the La Sapienza University of Rome to provide internship programs for training in socio-psychological research.


Ethical, Social, Policy and Privacy Issues in Emerging Technologies  and applications in the fields of human recognition, homeland security, cyber security, assistive technologies.


We are looking for a Research Assistant. The research will focus on Ethical, Social, Policy and Privacy Issues in emerging technologies and applications in the fields of human recognition, homeland security, cyber security, assistive technologies.  


  • Day to day managing various EC funded projects in the area of social, ethical and political impact of emerging technologies;
  • Writing Reports;
  • Travel abroad for scientific and technical meetings.


  • Scholarship from a wide range of humanities and social science disciplines;
  • Technological, philosophical or social science background are welcome;
  • Perfect written and oral communication skills in English (ONLY English mother tongue or bilingual);
  • Travel and periodic stay abroad.


please email to cssc@cssc.eu  

  1. A short cover letter (1 page) describing your interest and expectations
  2. a CV
  3. Writing sample (12-20 pages in length)

All documents must be sent in one comprehensive email and submitted in English. Only successful candidates will be contacted. Candidates whose profile matches the request, must confirm their availability for an interview in Rome at their own expenses.




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