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Founded in 2002, CSSC is an independent, non-partisan, organization registered as a private research centre by the Italian  Ministry of University and Research. By taking an interdisciplinary approach, CSSC explores social, cultural and ethical implications of emerging technologies in various fields (e.g., biometrics, privacy, surveillance technologies, disaster prevention and first response,  eInclusion, homeland security). Our track-record of researching, partnering and networking has made us a leading European institution in the area of science and society.

Technology alleviates the tyranny of human material constitution, its physical limitation, its spatial and temporal constraints, and its limited capacity to perform actions. Yet technology is not only fabricating instruments for a purpose. Human beings are hardly ‘utilitarian machines’, they are rather ‘symbolic machines’. Understanding the implicit assumptions, values and narratives which underlie the emerging of a technology is vital for technology governance and for managing social, ethical and political conflicts raised by technology innovation.

Through our activities we translate our vision and values into action. We:

  • Bring science policies closer to citizens by promoting public awareness of science and  technology and by encouraging open dialogue among citizens and policy makers.

  • Promote international and transnational conversation among institutions, communities, businesses, and NGOs on fundamental rights and values vis-à-vis emerging technologies.

  • Pursue innovative policy solutions to ethical, social and legal conflicts raised by emerging technologies. We encourage horizon thinking, creative problem solving, and win-win solutions

CSSC staff comprises a core group based in Rome and an international network of researchers and associate fellows with backgrounds in social science, humanities, law, ICT, medicine and bioscience. Founder and Director of CSSC is Emilio Mordini. A scholar with a proven track record in European research, Emilio was formerly Director of  the Psychoanalytic Institute for Social Research (1986-2001), Professor of Bioethics in the University of Rome "La Sapienza" (1994-2006), Scientific Secretary of the Bioethical Commission of the Italian National Research Council (2000-04). Focusing his efforts on creating an international research centre devoted to ethical, political and social implications of emerging technologies , Emilio  founded CSSC in 2002.


e-mail: info@cssc.eu
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